How to Get Started in Radio Contol

Curious about our hobby?  Want to know how to become involved in Radio Control Flying?  

Come out to our Club Field for some hands-on experience in RC Flying.  During the Spring and Summer months our Club Instructors are often available to answer any question that you might have.  Getting involved in this exciting hobby comes with a lot of technical questions that need to be answered.  If you are planning to buy radio control equipment, we strongly urge you to stop by our flying field or attend a club Meeting so that you can benefit from the experience of our Club Members. We will gladly advise you of the right equipment to purchase so that your introduction to the thrill of RC Flight will be a pleasant one.  After you have purchased your equipment, we will advise you in the building, setup and maintenance of your Model Aircraft, its engine and electronic equipment.  Club Instructors will guide you from your takeoff and landing efforts through your Solo Flight.  After you have gained proficiency in flying your aircraft, several Club Members will be more than willing to help you through the more advanced Piloting Skills of performing Aerobatic Maneuvers with your RC Aircraft.

Are You Ready for Takeoff?

If you are ready to begin the adventure, please feel free to contact one of our Club Officers for more information, or come out to the field any time to see who's flying.  HHL/D has instructors and special radio control training systems ready for fledging pilots or for those who just want to see what it's like to "fly" a R/C model airplane.   Our hands-on approach offers a very good opportunity to folks who to see if this hobby is something that they might really enjoy -- with no initial investment. The quickest way to learn is through what is called a "Buddy Box" system which utilizes two radio transmitters (one for the instructor and the other is the trainee) connected with a "buddy cord" between the two systems.  This offers the quickest and most economical way to learn to fly and also gets you as the student on the control sticks very quickly.  Time is spent teaching operational safety, very basic aerodynamics to help understand what makes the airplane fly, the controls on the radio and how they work and the basic flight maneuvers.  We look forward to helping you enter the exciting world of model aviation!  Please contact one of club members below to get started!

Harris Hill Lift/Drag RC Club Officers

President - Kevin Kremer
Secretary - Steve Kremer
Treasurer - Steve Kremer
Safety Officer - John Westervelt

Other Club Contacts

Steve Kremer - 562-3714 --- General Flying

Ready to Join Us?

If you've already made your decision to join us in this great sport.  Please complete and send us your membership application.  We look forward to flying with you...